June, 24 - 26, 2016
Chennai Trade Centre

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Food Industry in South India – a Snapshot

There are several factors contributing to making South India a happy hunting ground for the growth of the food industry. There are two food parks and one mega food park operating in Tamil Nadu.

Agriculture, in other southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala contributes substantially to the state’s GDP.

  • With favorable agro-climatic conditions, diverse soils which foster growth of food grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs, Tamil Nadu is one of the largest producers of agro, horticulture, Poultry, dairy and marine products in India
  • Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee, cocoa and spices and holds pride of place in its export of marine products.
  • Kerala is renowned for its coconut crop, coconut-based products like edible coconut oil, spray dried coconut milk powder, etc. Kerala also is noteworthy for its booming marine industry.
  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana boasts of being the highest producer of maize in the country. It is also famous for its extensive fisheries, oil seeds and fruits.

Rapidly changing lifestyles too have played their part in propelling the processed food industry. Exposure to western lifestyle, increase in the number of working women, nuclear families and double incomes among the growing urban population has led to more spending and a significant increase in demand for processed, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food.

The Government Policies – incentives, tax cuts, excise duty exemption on fruits and vegetables processing, have helped to boost the food industry. Other measures include reduction of custom duty on freezer vans, land allotment in various industrial parks, single window clearance for agro-based industries, which has been declared as a priority sector, etc. The food Industry in Tamil Nadu can look forward to a bright future.